My name is 'Faith'

It's very easy to get confused, when you are out here, without the people that keep you grounded. 

So easy to get side-tracked. And, when you think you are the happiest, sadly something makes you realize you gotta go back to your roots and re-examine.

It's very hard when you feel that you are starting alone; you try and try to fit in a mold. Of course, we all need company, but how long until you realize you are actually selling your soul..?   

Am I living 'the life'? Or just letting life pass me by?

There are always times of confusion. 
Times when you question yourself, if you are actually focused or not. 
Times when you cry almost everyday because you feel so lost.

So .. what do you do?

You think .. 'til you feel your mind is breaking.
You lay on your bed .. 'til you feel the blankets are soaking wet.
Time is passing by.. and you feel so stuck.. like you want to throw up.

Then, another day comes.

Suddenly you start seeing everything little by little, more clearly. It's like you talked to a therapist while you were sleeping. You take a mental board and start writing all your goals. And you realize the stronger and more confident person you've become. Can you now see how far you stand from the beginning point?

Now, you feel all this adrenaline taking over your body and you don't even understand how it got there.

"And there you are.. I thought you left me to walk on the shadows. Where were you? I swear, I couldn't find you!"

"The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen." -Ralph Marston
"No matter how confused and obscure, you see the way. If you really want it and have passion for it, trust it. And with patience, you can make the smallest of dreams, the empire you've always desired." - Maria Luisa

kiss.. SABRINA


  1. Maria,
    Your post on faith is beautiful. It reminds me so much of myself at around your age. Don't ever forget that God is not done with you yet. You are a beautiful, intelligent, and yes grounded young woman. Don't get carried away with temptation and also remember that your ground is back home, with those who've been there for you all your life. Your family is your ground and even when they are very far away back home they love you.
    I wish you much success and even more peace and love in your life, because that is my definition of success.
    you can write me back if you want

  2. I felt like this a few times. So much to experience in this world. Enjoy and keep growing :-)