The Power of Juicing

For those who have me as a friend on Facebook, follow me on Instagram or Twitter, must have noticed that Ive been posting a lot of fruits&veggies and juices pictures. Lately, Ive been juicing a lot, I notice I have more energy, my skin looks way better, I sleep more comfortable, no nightmares (for those who dont know, I use to have nightmares almost every night), my thoughts are more clear. One thing I know the ladies would love is that you lose some weight also. Personally, when Im sick I dont like to take too many pills. I believe in juicing and also getting a little medication if its too bad, its the perfect way to go. If im starting a cold I can definitely fight it with juicing. If im already sick in bed its okay to take a tylenol or whatever you take when sick but the juicing is a big big part of getting better. So i thought i should share it with you, and maybe you can start adding 2 juices a week.. and so on. Or perhaps you'd like to reboot your system and do a just veggie&fruit detox for a few days. Although in my opinion its better to add juicing to your daily lifestyle if possible, instead of doing a detox and not touching it ever again.

There are a few really good documentaries about juicing. The one I watched recently its called "Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead". Its really amazing. 

Here is the recipe of the juice I made today and the nutrients it has per serving. I will be posting more soon :)

Pink Lady - 2 servings                                                        
2 tomatoes
5 stalks of celery
2 cloves of garlic
4 carrots
1 purple onion
alfalfa sprouts

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Recipe Nutrition Calculator at Happy Juicer
Source: Happy Juicer Recipe Nutrition Calculator

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