I did 12 miles !!!

It’s a big sacrifice to wake up every saturday at 4:30-5am to go to practice.
Although, it’s a small one if you compare it to what patients with cancer have to go through.

Even though I have not made it to all of THE practices, I’ve ran enough miles to feel prepared to run 13.1 miles in January 27th in the ING Half Marathon in Miami.

I used to run for fun, more than 2.5 years ago. The most miles I did was 8 miles. But I never checked my time, my pace or my heart rate. I just did it. Between walking and running. 
When I had to do the 8 miles in practice I was a little nervous, I’m not gonna lie. But it helps so much to have a team motivating you, people around you giving their best to make it ‘til the end AND people waiting for you at the finish line.

Thankfully, I did the 8 miles and ended in pretty good shape. I felt like I could have kept going, which motivated me even more and got me super excited.

When I had to do the 12 miles, I was way more nervous. I had never done 12 miles in my life.
The day before practice that Saturday, I kicked a table and couldn’t put my running shoes on. So I missed practiced and felt like #$% because I thought I could NOT 12 miles by myself. 

On sunday morning I managed to go out and run, at least 5-6 miles to feel I did something.
I almost don’t start because it looked like it was gonna rain. My bf pushed me to do it anyway and just go back in the building if it started raining.
It ended up been a really nice day. Sunny (which doesn’t help that much) but shades in some parts of the way.

When I did 6 miles I pushed myself a little more and said ok, 2 more.
And at 8 I thought to myself, omg if Im at 8 what’s the point on not doing 4 more. So I went for the 12 and finished at 12.1 miles.

I felt a funny pain in my knees and feet that I have never felt before. I put some ice on my knees and slept like a baby. The next day I woke up like if nothing had happened. That right there let me know that Im stronger physically and mentally than what I have ever thought.

And if feels $%^&* goooood !!!! and even better when it’s for a good cause !!!!!

Next time Im giong for a better time :)

Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this journey. And most importantly, thank you for supporting all the patients with cancer that need you. 

If you haven’t, please click on this link:
All donations are tax deductible. 

It takes more than one person to beat cancer. Even the smallest donation it’s huge for all the patients !!!


Maria Luisa

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